Youth Leadership Training Program

We believe that empowering communities to take up developmental projects brings accountability through the active participation of the entire community. Projects are most successful when the community takes ownership at every stage, right from planning and funding to implementation and sustainability of their initiatives.

The Art of Living’s role is to become a driver of change by helping communities to shift their mindset from a ‘want state’ to becoming the ‘drivers of change’ themselves. The Art of Living has made Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) its vehicle for this transformation, resulting in efficient and effective delivery of its projects. Motivated youth are selected from the local communities and trained appropriately.

The YLTP focusses on personal development and communication skills. Through stress-reducing breathing techniques, individuals find inner peace and communities to come together in a spirit of service. Participants are inspired to volunteer for rural projects. The fruits of the seeds sown in these sessions are experienced by the community as a whole.

These empowered youth, known as Yuvacharyas, act as change agents in their local communities. They take responsibility for implementing the project on the ground under the close supervision of senior project leaders.

These local Yuvacharyas have a strong sense of ownership for the change they seek and their local knowledge is pivotal in the smooth execution of the projects. After the project is over, these Yuvacharyas ensure continuity and sustainability of the project.

So far the YLTP base model has rendered remarkable success. The uniqueness of the YLTP model comes from its intrinsic ability to integrate any issue into its leadership training model and to ensure mindset transformation on the issue on a sustainable basis.

If you wish to be a part of the team, please get in touch with us to know more about the service projects in your area and get involved!

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